Kenny Edwards

Exceed Enterprises Training and Consulting

Kenny Edwards is driven by a passion to help others and it has guided both his career and volunteer paths. He actively participates in a number of professional and volunteer organizations, including serving as a youth mentor. He freely shares his life experiences and career path choices in the hopes of benefitting the members of his community. Kenny offers business services that range from professional coaching to OSHA and CPR/First Aid Training. He is also a certified and licensed coach, trainer and speaker for the John Maxwell Leadership Team.


Kenny’s passion to help shines through in his career and work ethic. He wants success not only for himself but for every person in every department. His ability to communicate with employees at every level has made him a valued asset to each company he’s worked with. Kenny takes the time to get to know his coworkers, to find out their talents, and to put those talents to use in a way that benefits the entire company. “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” This quote embodies the thinking of a true leader, a person who sees the value in his team and uses their combined talents to achieve success for all.  This attitude can be seen in every program he has developed and implemented over his career, many of which are still in place with his past employers.


Kenny’s love of basketball and his desire to volunteer where he could affect the most change led him to devote his free time to coaching women’s basketball at the collegiate level. There he shared his knowledge and skills as an accomplished college athlete and successful businessman. His coaching focused as much on life as it did on basketball, stressing the importance of having a solid education to rely on while building up their individual and team skills on the court. He encouraged his athletes to be their very best on and off the court, keeping them striving to balance education and basketball so that they could build the tools necessary to improve their quality of life and thereby improve their community. Under his guidance, his players amassed awards at all levels of college play and consistently appeared on the Dean and President’s lists. His dedication did not go unnoticed—he received numerous awards for Coach of the Year, Team Sportsmanship, Conference Champions at both the Regional and District levels, National Team Rankings. With all of the acclaim and awards, most people would have a hard time picking their most treasured accomplishment but for Kenny it has always been seeing his student athletes receive their graduate degrees.


Kenny’s outreach in his community is both vast and varied, and an example of his commitment to help others at every stage of life. The organizations he so tirelessly serves are: Carroll County Sertoma Club, Toys for Tots, HR and Environmental Leaders Committee, Boys and Girls Club, Veterans SOAR, Housing Authority – Program Coordinator Committee, College and Career Academy – Marketing Advisory Committee, 12 for Life Mentoring, Hope for the Journey, Family Connections, Mentoring Village, and CEMC Safety Committee/SAPA. Kenny also serves as a mentor to the youth in Carroll County, a Community Basketball Coach, and a Deacon at Southern Hills Christian Church.


Kenny is also a devoted husband and a father two daughters, his first and foremost priority at all times and in all ways. His devotion to his community is fed by his devotion to his family, driving him to give his all daily. He inspires and encourages his daughters to be anything they want, but above all to be happy, kind, and humble. He encourages them to do for others because it’s right and not for recognition. Like all parents, he wants their lives to be better than his own. Hours are spent with his oldest daughter reading to him because he remembers how hard school can be when reading is not a favorite part of homework. Kenny and his wife have a true partnership, one full of encouragement and support for every endeavor they undertake. With their devotion to each other and to their children, there is no doubt their daughters will grow to be productive and influential members of our community.


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