Frequently Asked Questions - Youth Mentoring

Q. What do I have to do to become a mentor?

A. Three easy steps:  1. Complete an application and background form and process. 2) Complete a staff interview.

 3) Complete the Mentoring Village training program.


Q. What is the time commitment a mentor makes?

A. Mentors matched in most of our programs commit to meeting with their mentee for a minimum of 30-60 minutes a week for a twelve-month period.


Q. Where do the children live?

A. Most of the children live in Carroll County.








Q. After I apply, how long does it take to be matched with a child?

A. You are matched with the child you will mentor upon completion of the application/training process.


Q. Is there a lot of paperwork to fill out?

A. A mentor initially completes an application and an online background check.


Q. How often is mentor orientation/training offered?

A. Training is scheduled based on demand. Most applicants attend training within three weeks of submitting their application.






Q. How long is mentor orientation training?

A. The initial training program lasts approximately 3 hours. Mentors are alson required to complete Darkness to Light Child Sex Abuse Prevention training.


Q. Can I select a particular Mentoring Village partner program in which to participate?

A. Yes, you may request to participate in a specific program; however, we ask that you be flexible in order to avoid long waiting periods for mentors and/or mentees.




Q. Who chooses the “mentees” served by Mentoring Village?

A. The Mentoring Village partner organizations identify the mentees. These organizations also play a dominant role in the matching process.


Q. How old are the children?

A. Most of the children are elementary through high school students.



     Frequently Asked Questions - Adult Mentoring

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