Mentor A Neighbor - Coming in 2021

Our certified mentors engage neighbors in need through in-person mentoring. Together, we uplift individuals and build a stronger community. 

Mentoring Village, through the power of mentoring, helps adults reach their goals. These person-to-person mentoring relationships improve lives by developing soft skills, building connections, and empowering our neighbors to achieve success. We've developed seven pathways based on common challenges faced by individuals in our community:


1. Career Development


Whether you are considering starting a business or need help advancing in your career, a mentor can advise and support you in your endeavors. 


2. Homelessness Prevention


We want to help you address the challenges in your life. Our mentors are equipped to help you seek employment, locate resources, obtain necessary skills, and learn financial literacy. 


3. Overcoming Addiction


Are you overcoming addiction? A mentor can help you address daily obstacles and provide positive reinforcement when you need it most. 


4. Managing Depression & Anxiety


Do you struggle with depression or anxiety? Some of our mentors also struggle to maintain their mental health. Exchange experiences and coping techniques. 


5. Moving Forward After Divorce


Make peace and redefine your life with the help of a trusted mentor. A mentor can help you identify your strengths, talents, and ambitions. 


6. Successful Re-Entry


Men and women behind bars are also sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers. If you're looking for someone to hold you accountable and advise you moving forward with your life, a mentor may be for you. 


7. Youth in Transition 


Have you recently aged out of foster care? A mentor can help you navigate adulthood and define personal success. 

Become A Mentor

Mentors come from all walks of life. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or someone that has overcome addiction, your knowledge and life experiences can help a neighbor in need of positive change and encouragement.
  • Complete an application and background screening
  • Attend interview and training 



  • Commit to meeting with your mentee(s) for an average of 4 hours per month, minimum one year 
  • Help your mentee(s) set goals and achieve personal success
  • Submit a quarterly update to the Program Coordinator
  • Attend Annual Recognition Night with mentee(s)

Become A Mentee

Looking for a mentor? We want to connect you with a trustworthy individual that can guide you towards success. 
  • Complete an application and background screening 
    • (Please note you will be asked to cover the cost of the screening. If payment is a barrier, please let the Program Coordinator know. We work with sponsors and donors that may be able to cover the cost .)
  • Attend interview 



  • Commit to meeting with your mentor for an average of 4 hours per month, minimum one year 
  • Set goals and work towards achieving personal success 
  • Attend Annual Recognition Night with mentor
Mentee Application
Please complete and submit the following document to the Program Coordinator.
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