About us, Our Mission, and Our Vision

Located in Carroll County, GA, Mentoring Village in a non-profit organization that provides credentialing services for mentoring programs and their volunteers in the effort to provide young people with positive role models who will help them to discover their value to the community. Mentoring Village faciliates 50 state background checks, conducts reference checks, and offers training sessions and networking opportunities for mentors.

Our Mission:

To focus our efforts on developing today's youth through mentoring, so they have personal growth and social and economic opportunity tomorrow.


Our Vision:

To be a sustainable, full-service mentor organization that meets you where you are.

  • We form collaborations of mentoring organizations within our community.

  • We provide our agencies and their volunteers with the tools they need to achieve the greatest success in mentoring our youth including:

    • Training

    • Certification

    • Background screening

    • Online tracking database where mentors can capture their correspondence with their mentees

    • Marketing material

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