Leila Shaver

Shaver Law Firm

Leila found her passion in giving peace of mind to her clients by helping them plan for the futures of their children and loved ones. She believes that by being proactive and planning for the hard times during the good times, families can enjoy their time together knowing their legacy will be protected.

Leila has seen first hand how not having a plan can cause incredible anxiety and uncertainty. In 2014, Leila’s then-fiance was involved in an accident with a tractor trailer. Leila rushed to the hospital where she had no legal right to make any medical decisions on behalf of her fiance or have any right to learn his condition or the proposed treatment. Waiting for her fiance’s family to arrive so that she could learn his prognosis was terrifying and anxiety-ridden. She never thought she would ever be in this position.

Leila’s experience left an indelible mark. Her fiance is now her husband and the accident changed their lives. They have put a plan in place now and have ensured that never again will they go through the fear and anxiety of “what if.” They have made sure that their son will be taken care of should anything happen to either or both of them. With this peace of mind, they tackle the uncertainties of life with newfound appreciation. Because of the accident, Leila decided to help other families as well and launched Shaver Law Group, LLC.

Leila has extended this desire to help families protect their children and loved ones by joining Mentoring Village as a member of the Board of Directors.  She is excited to be a part of an organization that lovingly and selflessly ensures that mentors to children are appropriately screened and trained.  She hopes to help Mentoring Village grow and find new ways to help our community’s youth.




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